Is Your Android Phone Secured Enough?

Smartphone, as a personal device, should be protected more often than not. Since it is one of the personal things we have, like a toothbrush, it is not meant to be shared with other people—well, of course, not unless you want to share something to your friend perhaps in just a matter of minutes.

Why do we secure them, you ask? Well, evidently, there can be important and confidential information it contains that shouldn’t be divulged without permission—most especially when talking about business matters. And so as to protect our nifty gadgets, buying a mobile back case also has now been a necessity more than a luxury. Do you think that the only vulnerable aspect of these phones is the hardware alone? Well then, evidently not. Apple’s iPhone was even declared as the most secured handheld device. But just with the use of a charger, even if the iPhone runs the latest platform that is the iOS 7, the malicious charger called “Mactans” was able to hack the phone in just a matter of seconds. And you might not know, you are already on your way to have your phone all damaged in just a blink of an eye. So, are you sure your phone is being secured enough? Hit the list below to see if you are taking care of your Android phones right:

#1: No Anti-Virus or Security Software Installed

McAfee_Mobile_AntivirusYou might say that all AV programs are only for desktops, and that you and your device do not need having one since you are keen with your browsing, but no. You need to have security apps for your Android devices since it has been reported that the Google Play store has third party developers that has malicious intentions. When you have security app installed on your phone, it can detect the potential threats and it will alert you immediately. Admit it; you have been loading your smartphone with games from Google Play store, haven’t you? With that being said, having an antivirus software is a must!

#2: Have You Read the Permissions?

permissionsThis one is the same as, evidently, the Terms and Conditions. It has been one of the Lazy Rules people live with. They just do not take much time in reading. As long as they know that this certain app is fun, helpful, and whatnot, they are going to ignore and accept whatever is written under Permissions. Two things to keep in mind when installing an app, especially games: 1. It asks access to your phone’s location; and 2.It wants access with the ability to send messages. Once you encounter these two, you might as well think twice if you are going to install this app.

#3: Rooting Your Phone

rootingWhen you root your Android phone, you gain more access to the basest features of it. You can pretty much do almost anything you can’t do when it was still not rooted. Sounds a great benefit, right? But here’s the catch: it creates more potential threats to your phone. Be careful of having a banking app once your phone is already rooted, or you’ll be surprised once you’ve seen your bank account all drained out.

#4: No Security Password

Security LockThis thing need not be mentioned nor stressed further, but most people underestimate the security that screen locks or passwords give. If you have left your phone unattended, you might not know that someone will gain access on your phone in just a few taps. What more if you really value privacy? And so, it pays to have a security password to keep your phone protected—and all the information in it.

#5: Connecting to Untrusted Wi-Fi

wifi hackedWhen there’s a free Wi-Fi, you couldn’t help yourself but connect your device to it. But, little did you know that unsecured Wi-Fi can be the easiest way for your phone to be hacked. In fact, there are even apps for hacking that you can search right on the internet. Would you risk your phone’s security with a free Wi-Fi?

These are just but simple things people usually ignore. You might not know that these small things can wreak havoc not only to your device, but also to your life.


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