Can Plants vs. Zombies Reach Epic Proportions?

iOS users are very fortunate because the sequel of the very famous and beloved PopCap game, Plants vs. Zombies, has long been released on iTunes. The new game is named “Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time.” The theme of the game is so out-of-this-world that people have crazed for it. By mid-September, it was already downloaded more than 25 million times, with players spending more than 140 million hours of game play in the process. What’s more unusually fun than relying on plants to defend you against the zombies hungry to eat your brain, eh?

 Given the fame that the game has received, this we ask: is there a chance that it will become big in the gaming empire like Mario? The legacy of Super Mario still manages to expand as time passes by. Mario has become a global icon seen on mashed-up games, the TV, billboards, the internet, and designed on shirts, bags, mugs, mobile accessories, and any other merchandise you can think of. This is a testament on how the short, podgy, Italian plumber has influenced the whole world. Can Plants vs. Zombies reach what Mario has reached?

 The developers of the game are optimistic on this feat. They hold on to the notion that Super Mario was not built in only a single day; it took the game quite a very long time for it to be regarded as how it is today. But then again, what does it really take for a game to establish a name for itself? PopCap believes that the answer lies on details. The team which developed the game did more than just drawing the characters and keying in a bunch of codes. They literally spent months just working on a single plant, trying to figure out how to make it work. That amount of keenness to detail is what contributed to games, such as Super Mario, to garner a lot of loyal fans.

 On a different note, according to Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, “The free-to-play strategy might help Plants vs. Zombies if their goal is merchandising sales.” He adds, “I think it certainly has franchise potential but not on the same scale as Mario.”

 Maybe it’s too premature to speculate on this matter. What really matters as of now is that we are continually being captivated by the wonders of the game. Who knows, without us even being aware, Plants vs. Zombies might get to build itself its own empire. And all it requires is for gamers like you and me to go with the flow and enjoy the game in our smartphones or tablets like how its creators want us to. It’s just a matter of time till this game reaches epic proportions, especially once the sequel has been made available for Android users as well.


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