Fun Apps for Christmas

Can you hear it? Can you smell it? Can you feel it? In just a few more sleep, the most awaited season annually before each year ends is already being welcomed by people across all nations! What season, winter? Eh. It is the Christmas season, of course. This season sure brings all the bells and whistles as it gathers people—even those who are oceans apart—all close at heart.

Do you want a fun way to enjoy Christmas season? What about the fun way of waiting till this special season comes? May the spirit of Christmas be in our hearts through our smartphones as you load them with fun apps made especially for Yuletide!

Christmas Countdown

#1: Christmas Countdown

Are you always excited about how many days are left before it’s finally Christmas? Boy, I bet you couldn’t sleep already! You can’t wait no longer for Christmas, huh? Save yourself out from exhaustion on counting how many days should you wake and how many more nights should you still sleep before it’s finally *gasp air* Christmas! With this app, you can get an interactive Live Wallpaper with a Christmas Countdown in a snowfall of lights. Not only does this app let you have an instant countdown for Christmas, but it can also be set to 3D New Years Countdown!


#2: Christmas Puzzle Game: Jigsaw

Do you want to piece together each day as we draw near closer to Christmas, yet in a more fun and relaxing way? Let’s cut to the chase, and have yourself a merry little puzzling and exciting Christmas with this Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Game! Enjoy dragging the puzzle pieces to the right place to complete the puzzle as you make your way to experience the spirit of Christmas! Loaded with lots of Christmas pictures, you are surely going to love your Christmas.


#3: Christmas Slice

And you think nothing could spoil your Christmas? Think again. It can be you who could spoil it! To bend the predictability of Christmas, here is Christmas Slice app that lets you help the bat to steal Santa’s gifts by cutting boards, and using items such as Christmas socks. The little bat wants to steal those gifts so he could give it to his fiancée. This little guy is sweet after all. Everything is fair in love and war indeed. So, might as well help this little sweet bat!

Bouncy Bill

#4: Bouncy Bill Christmas Style

Have you played Bouncy Bill already? Now, check this out as he is now in a super festive mood to celebrate with you this Christmas season! Simply tap the screen to make Bouncy Bill jump vertically to reach his destination as quickly as possible. He must then race against time so he could break the evil spell of the evil Wizard Zorik so he can regain his ability to move left and right. Complete each level and make him the happiest Christmas Tre…—Turtle!

Gift List

#5: Christmas Gift List

As what the name of this app implies, it’s here to save the day! With Christmas Gift List, rest assured you won’t likely be caught on the last minute shopping! At least, now you can track gift ideas, set a gift budget for each person, and mark the gift as purchased as you do your shopping! It is even password protected so it will be for your eyes only. With this app installed, you can now forget no one when you give gifts!

Install these apps on your phone, and I bet you will never close its cell phone cover! Hah! Isn’t it nice to enjoy waiting for Christmas while having fun? Well, yeah! Have a Happy Yuletide!


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