Do You Really Need to Secure Your Passwords?

Secure Your Password

There has been a plethora of security systems innovated to evidently secure valuable things against people who have malicious intentions, be it with pricey possessions or personal identity. And so people learned to protect these things by putting them in a vault or securing them with passwords.

People have now been more careful about putting passwords on their accounts even on their smartphones. You’ll never know, in just a few toggle and taps of a stranger, all your precious things have already turned to dust. So, it really pays to have a unique password in which you alone know—or does it?

What if one day you became incapacitated? Or worse comes to worst, what if you… died? As someone said, no one stays healthy forever. And with that being said, a person in your life may need to access all your accounts when the time comes that you barely remember anything. If they know your password, then it will definitely be much easier for them to access your accounts.

This digital world is now evidently password-protected. And it shows from your favorite social networking sites, even to the files of your phone. And so, if you want to protect your handset wholly, a mobile back case won’t be enough. As you protect your phone’s hardware, the software must be protected as well, most especially if it contains confidential information that shouldn’t be divulged in the masses.

Now, if (God forbid) something bad happened to a loved one and you needed to access his or her personal accounts, actually there is a way even without knowing the credentials. But, you are going to get through a rough and tough process just to access the account.

A great example would be on Google’s page for Accessing a deceased person’s mailing account. You are then required to gather up several official files that you also need to send via snail-mail—and that includes the death certificate, of course. Not to mention, you also need to get your pockets and purses all set for paying a pretty penny. Plus, there is also a Part 2 of the processes in which you will be required to get additional legal documents that includes an order from a U.S. court and yada yada.

See how much pain that brings? Of course there would be someone in our life that we can trust to not eat the single donut in the fridge until you get home. It can be your wife, mom, loved one; relative… anyone that is close to you that you know that won’t hold anything against you. One way or another, these people close to you will need to access your accounts just to continue what you have started. Be it a business or for personal matter, they must know them because they are part of your personal and private life. Now, do you really need to secure your passwords even from your loved ones?


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