Installing an LCD Screen Protector for Your iPad

ipad and lcd protectorSo you finally have the iPad you have been dying as ever to have. You just can’t help but stare back at the reflection your iPad bounces back as it gives you all giddy ups inside. You even get to flaunt your oh so cool iPad with your friends every time you get the chance because you are so proud of it. Then one day, as you stare back at the screen again as you usually do, you notice a small scratch on the screen, and yikes! Of all iPad accessories how could you forget to buy an LCD screen protector? See, it’s not yet too late. You could still see clearly the big picture on the screen even if there’s a little scuff. And not to worry again since you can still protect the entire screen even if it has a tad scuff already. You just have to buy a few things so you could protect your screen from further scratches. Here are the things that you will need:

  • The iPad itself
  • Dust Destroyer (optional)—good for getting rid of dust.
  • Soft cloth (comes in package of LCD protector)
  • LCD screen Protector
  • Apple’s iPad Box Cover—will definitely be useful to have your screen be bubble-free.

Now that you have gathered all the things that you will need, here are the steps on installing it bubble-free:

Step 1: Clean and remove any dust or dirt on your screen. You can spray first the Dust Destroyer if available, and then you can wipe it all off with the soft cloth that comes with the package as you buy a screen protector.

Step 2: Now, peel back the label marked number 1 of the screen protector. Be careful not to touch the adhesive side of the protector’s surface so it stays clean and fingerprint-free.

Step 3: After peeling off a small portion of the film attached to Tab 1, flip it over and align the film to the corner of your screen. To hold it in place, use one hand to align the protector to the iPad and the other hand to hold the folded film on the bottom.

Step 4: If there are some air bubbles, just lift up the film a little and use your finger to smudge out the bubbles. Do it repeatedly if necessary, or you can just rub the bubbles off lightly with your fingers.

Step 5: Pull the film from underneath the protector until 2 inches of the protector is on the iPad and here is how the Apple’s iPad Box Cover gets useful. Hold the box with one hand as your other hand grabs the film under the protector. As you pull the film, gently slide the box across the iPad to prevent air bubbles from forming.

Step 6: Peel the label marked number 2. And there you have it, a bubble-free iPad screen. You won’t need to spend hours getting rid of air bubbles with a card now.

Have fun gazing again on your screen, worry-free!

About camilleyoung92

Camille is a BSIT degree holder and a Tech Blogger who loves blogging about latest technology and gadgets that are more than meets the eye. She is currently working as an SEO writer/content marketer at Ecell Global.

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