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Smartphone Apps that Made 2013 Proud

When it says “2013”, what are your thoughts? If you’ll ask me, I’d say it has been indeed a fun-filled year. In this digital age, all the known techs are actually the ones that help us get through with our everyday activities. Also, these techie gadgets we have always succeed to keep the boredom at bay. One of which could be found at hand, and that’s no other than our trusty handheld device we call smartphone.

Smartphones never go out of style as each year all the big boys of the mobile industry see to it that they have something better to offer on the table—talk about the staggering features of each kind. But as the year 2013 ended, what do you think amused you most with smartphones throughout the year? This has to be said: aside from the neatly designed hardware, software applications also get the limelight as they make these seemingly blank canvasses be as interesting and functional than what the hardware offers. Looking back, can you still recall the apps that got your eyes and fingers glued on your phone’s screen? Read on to remember all the best apps of 2013 that got most of us—if not all—addicted.

#1: Candy Crush Saga

Candy CrushOne of the sweetest gaming apps that 2013 offered is the Candy Crush Saga. If this was real candy, a lot of people might have been diabetic before we even hit 2014. I, for one, am guilty of being trapped by the sweetness of this game as it is one of the most addictive puzzlers there is. In this game, all you have to do is shift the brightly colored sweets to form lines of three—the more the better—and hear the game voice praising you on good moves with puns like ‘sweet’, ‘tasty’, ‘delicious’, and ‘divine’. You just got to love the bursting sweetness of the candies as you shift the sweets in order for you to reach a score and pass the level. [Found on Facebook, iOS, and Android]

#2: CSR Racing

CSR RacingI’m sure your 2013 has been one hell of a ride—all the more when CSR Racing app got your heartbeat racing. And if you are also a certified fanatic of the movie The Fast & Furious, then racing apps positively won’t ever tire out for you. You may not get to change gears and steer wheels like being on a real car feels like, but appropriate taps on the screen are enough to get you going. Earn money by winning the race, and then you can now upgrade car or collect them. This free-to-play drag-racing game would definitely get your eyes spoiled with its stunning, high-fidelity graphics with addictive gameplay to give you a new type of racing experience. [Found on OSX, iOS, and Android]

#3: Wordament

WordamentDo you remember the words 2013 had brought us? There goes the word Twerk coined by Miley Cyrus, and the other—not to mention word of the year for 2013—selfie! Selfie has been voted as the Oxford’s word of the year, giving the credit to all the narcissistic duck-faces who keep snagging out photos of nothing but themselves incessantly. Anyway, keep fumbling for those words because you’re going to need it with this utterly addictive gaming app called Wordament. Originally, this app was only exclusive on Windows platform. But then, the app rolled to various platforms on the year 2013. Basically, you just have to swipe the computer generated grid of letters into words within just a minute and a half—the longer the word is, the better. And when the time’s up, the players will then be ranked and all is revealed on a giant leaderboard. Would winning in the game render you speechless? [Found on Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, and Android]

If you haven’t tried these apps before the year 2013 ended, it’s never too late. After all, they are there for us to enjoy. Load them to your phones now and check out the fresh apps of 2014 that are absolutely worth a try.


How to Make Your Tablets Childproof

a child with an ipadIn this technological world, one does not simply have only one gadget at hand. And even the oldsters are no longer left behind. For all you know, they could still pace up with the techie young ones. And so, you’ll probably see them tapping on their gadget’s screen with their eyeglasses on.

Well, those nifty gadgets look so enticing to you, how much more with the kids? When I say kids, I’m referring to the little ones. Anyone with a child knows how much their little kiddos love to grub these touch-enabled gadgets out their hands. But more often than not, parents couldn’t trust their gizmos—not to mention pricey gizmos—to their toddlers. Who could blame them? These little angels still haven’t fully developed their motor skills and their reflexes yet, so a parent would definitely be anxious to trust the children not to the drop the gadget—or damage it. *shudder* … Be ready for buying replacement parts for gadgets and just hope that they are available.

Good thing that there are tablets made for children. But do you have to buy the appropriate tablet for them? You could, if you don’t consider money as a factor. But, in the side of practicality, one does not simply buy another tablet just to cater the needs of your kids. Why would you buy another tablet if you can make the tablet safe to hand over to your child?

Let’s cut to the chase and make our self-luminous rectangular thing we call tablets into a childproof one! And here’s how:

#1: Utilize Parental Controls

Ipad2Thanks to Apple, the iOS 6—and definitely the later—now offers a suite of parental controls. This then limits the access of your kids to sorts of apps and settings. They may access every tablet accessory of your iPad, but they cannot access the features that are inappropriate to his or her young mind. Sounds sweet, right? To prevent your kids from tapping and toggling on accessing the inappropriate features at their very young age, follow these steps to enable parental controls on your iPad:

Go to: Settings app> General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions … iOS then will prompt you to set a passcode… set it up and confirm.

Once you are in the iOS’ Restriction settings, you can now disable the access of your kids with such features like browser, camera, and the list goes on. You can restrict the access of explicit songs and videos even. Well, do you think only iOS can do that? Android offers a neat trick, too.

It started with the 4.2 version of Android in which it uses a feature called user-profiles. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s pretty much like that of your desktops. Here, you can separate profiles and give them the appropriate privileges only. To create a restricted account, follow this guide:

Go to: owner account > Settings app > Users > Add user or profile > Restricted profile > … and now you can specify apps that you child can access.

#2: Load your tablet with the right apps

appsIf your tablet is loaded with amusing apps—perhaps apps that are amusing enough for your kids—then there’s a great chance your kids would not wander off—at least anywhere else in your tablet. Hah! There are a heap of apps for your kids meandering over the Apps Store—or in Android tablet’s case, Play Store. Now, there is no dedicated section of apps for kids on that of Play Store, but you can always rely on Entertainment and Education sections.

#3: Encase it with tablet folio

tablet folioA tablet handed to a toddler? Well, that should be armored not just internally, but also externally! Just in case your little one is prone to dropping your pristine tablet, might as well encase it with a sturdy case. The best tablet folio to buy is on your trusted store, be it through online mobile store or in-store.

So, have you taken these three simple steps already? Be geared up as you hand over your tablet to your kids!

Fun Apps for Christmas

Can you hear it? Can you smell it? Can you feel it? In just a few more sleep, the most awaited season annually before each year ends is already being welcomed by people across all nations! What season, winter? Eh. It is the Christmas season, of course. This season sure brings all the bells and whistles as it gathers people—even those who are oceans apart—all close at heart.

Do you want a fun way to enjoy Christmas season? What about the fun way of waiting till this special season comes? May the spirit of Christmas be in our hearts through our smartphones as you load them with fun apps made especially for Yuletide!

Christmas Countdown

#1: Christmas Countdown

Are you always excited about how many days are left before it’s finally Christmas? Boy, I bet you couldn’t sleep already! You can’t wait no longer for Christmas, huh? Save yourself out from exhaustion on counting how many days should you wake and how many more nights should you still sleep before it’s finally *gasp air* Christmas! With this app, you can get an interactive Live Wallpaper with a Christmas Countdown in a snowfall of lights. Not only does this app let you have an instant countdown for Christmas, but it can also be set to 3D New Years Countdown!


#2: Christmas Puzzle Game: Jigsaw

Do you want to piece together each day as we draw near closer to Christmas, yet in a more fun and relaxing way? Let’s cut to the chase, and have yourself a merry little puzzling and exciting Christmas with this Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Game! Enjoy dragging the puzzle pieces to the right place to complete the puzzle as you make your way to experience the spirit of Christmas! Loaded with lots of Christmas pictures, you are surely going to love your Christmas.


#3: Christmas Slice

And you think nothing could spoil your Christmas? Think again. It can be you who could spoil it! To bend the predictability of Christmas, here is Christmas Slice app that lets you help the bat to steal Santa’s gifts by cutting boards, and using items such as Christmas socks. The little bat wants to steal those gifts so he could give it to his fiancée. This little guy is sweet after all. Everything is fair in love and war indeed. So, might as well help this little sweet bat!

Bouncy Bill

#4: Bouncy Bill Christmas Style

Have you played Bouncy Bill already? Now, check this out as he is now in a super festive mood to celebrate with you this Christmas season! Simply tap the screen to make Bouncy Bill jump vertically to reach his destination as quickly as possible. He must then race against time so he could break the evil spell of the evil Wizard Zorik so he can regain his ability to move left and right. Complete each level and make him the happiest Christmas Tre…—Turtle!

Gift List

#5: Christmas Gift List

As what the name of this app implies, it’s here to save the day! With Christmas Gift List, rest assured you won’t likely be caught on the last minute shopping! At least, now you can track gift ideas, set a gift budget for each person, and mark the gift as purchased as you do your shopping! It is even password protected so it will be for your eyes only. With this app installed, you can now forget no one when you give gifts!

Install these apps on your phone, and I bet you will never close its cell phone cover! Hah! Isn’t it nice to enjoy waiting for Christmas while having fun? Well, yeah! Have a Happy Yuletide!