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iPad Air Tips and Tricks You Shouldn’t Miss

How much penny have you spent just to let the wind blow that pristine iPad Air into your hands? My point with asking that is this ingenious device is outright expensive to start with. And this almost paper thin gadget would definitely blow one’s mind not only with its lightness, but also with its features.

So, to make sure that your money is well spent, either by means of buying an iPad Air or buying iPad Air accessories, try out these tips and tricks for your tablet to make the most out of it:

#1: A swift way to delete a text

Have you ever been in a situation where you are fumbling for the right words to say, and suddenly it hits you that you shouldn’t say those things? So, what do you do now? Keep tapping the backspace in order to delete the evidence. Too much work, right? Good thing iPad Air has now an inclusion of a feature that lets you delete the whole text just by shaking your iPad and toggling the option Undo Typing. But what if you changed your mind and thought that you really intend to send it? Don’t shake your head yet, just shake the iPad and it will prompt a Redo Typing option.

#2:  Splitting the virtual keyboard

Aside from the new tricks of iOS 7 with its keyboard, did you know that you can actually split the keyboard in two with your iPad Air? Considering how wide tablets are, you’ll definitely have hard times in typing especially if you are used to typing words and phrases with your thumbs on your gadgets with touch interface technology. To do this trick, just tap and hold the keyboard icon on the left bottom, and once the options popped-up, hold it still and drag your finger to Split option. That will do the trick. But if you want to get the keyboard back again, tap and hold the keyboard icon once more and select Dock and Merge from the popped-up menu.

#3: Creating Keyboard Shortcuts

 Say like, you’ve been typing and typing a long word over and over and over. Perhaps you are sending a report or something. You know possibilities. And you know that typing and typing the word every time is taking up your time. Good thing, iPad Air offers a feature that creates a keyboard shortcut to a word or phrase even. To be able for you to do this trick, go to: Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut … and from there, you can create a shortcut for any phrase to your liking. It’s a real time saver indeed, right?

#4: Instigate multitasking

With the specs iPad Air offers, it can do pretty much a lot of things. And it sure can pretty much do them all at once. So, if you are trying to do a multi-task, just press the Home button twice, then a Multitasking tray will pop up at the bottom of your screen. You’ll notice the recently used apps on the screen. You can tap them to launch them once more, or close them by swiping straight up. You can also close them altogether by placing your fingers on top of each app and swipe them straight up.

So, these are the few tips and tricks that are definitely worth a try. You’ll definitely be going to need them so might as well take note of them.


You No Longer Need these Apps with the iOS 7

iOS-7-Apps-MakeoverApps are indubitably the lifeblood of smartphones. Without them, our mobile devices won’t be as useful and valuable as they are today. This is the very reason why app stores are a thing; they make sure that they always bring something new to mobile consumers so as to make each and every smartphone experience worth it. However, with the iOS 7 already in most iDevices in the open, some apps have proven to be useless and obsolete. See what those apps are by reading the list below.

  1. Pandora. With the iTunes Radio, you no longer need apps such as Pandora and the like. The iOS app lets you stream to your favorite music like the other players. Additionally, it lets you purchase the music of your liking and import it directly into your library.
  2. iHandy Level. The iOS 7’s Compass app has a hidden feature that you can access easily by swiping to the right while on the app. The hidden feature that I’m talking about is a level that is helpful for making sure that your pictures, as well as any other things that need levelling, are flat. The app has a black and white interface for an outright minimalistic approach. Too bad for iHandy Level because you won’t be needing it anymore now that you already have the Compass app.
  3. Flashlight Apps. Thanks to the ultra-bright LED beside the back camera of your iPhone, you can use your device as a flashlight. If before, you have to download a flashlight app to make it work without using the camera, now, you just have to go to the control center so that you can light your way with a simple tap on the screen.
  4. Flayvr. The new Photos app integrated in the iOS 7 is a great sorter tool for your images. You can group your pictures by date, location, event, or whichever you want. Therefore, you will no longer need a photo-organizing app like Flavyr because Photos makes organizing and sharing images a tad easier.
  5. Lookout Mobile Security. More than the looks of the iOS 7, the added security features in this version are worth some praises. The preinstalled Find My iPhone app is like any other apps out there that you can download for a fee, so why the need to download them still? Find My iPhone lets you track down your missing iDevice. Also, it lets you remotely wipe your phone clean if ever there are any confidential information or accounts tied up with it that you don’t want others to gain access to.

iOS 7 is really something, eh? Well, if it so happened that you still haven’t updated your operating system yet, then what are you waiting for? Do it now!