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Can Your Earphones Get Any Cooler Than These?

Century Old EarphonesEarphones, headphones, in-earphones, earbuds—or whatever you’d like to call them—have become one of the needs to enhance digital listening. If we dredge up a bit, earphones was not something revolutionary and they have existed for nearly a century!

Earphones were not really a cool accessory, not a fashion statement, not a symbol of prestige or just a feeling of awesome coolness. That all changed in the 80’s when Sony Japan came out with the Walkman and it spread like a wildfire throughout the world and made a new trend of portable cassette tape players.

As many competitors came out, Sony has maintained its market positioning for about 2 decades until the portable MP3 players came out, with Apple running in the forefront with its iPod in the early 2000’s. Like many other Apple products, they create a cult type of following. And since then, those headphones have been a staple of our backpacks.

Earphones have started as a simple earpiece that serves as a pair of small loudspeakers designed to be held in place to a user’s ears. But today, earphones became a part of fashion statement as well, which they no longer just use for listening to music, but also as a part of vogue to express ones personality. So you think you’ve got the best unique earphones yet? Or your quirky earphones can be quirkier?

I found six cooler and quirkier designs of mobile earphones from Quarkie—British design brand—that could make you drop your jaw more than that of beats. In other words, one that can beat the beats! The day I found these, I bought all 6 kinds so I have something to wear different every day I go to work! And just as expected, on the very first day I came in with this rad designs, my colleagues at work immediately asked where I scored these pieces of great technology. Here is what I think about these 6 earphones.

#1: The Cat Eyes Design

cat eyesDamn, this thing is fierce!  The stare of the cat is now staring back at you with this pair of cat-eye-inspired earphones! Not only does it look striking, it actually sounds great, in fact it sounds a bit clearer than my popular plain white earphones. These music lovers and electronic engineers that built this were really innovative and imaginative enough to produce this funky blue-eyed cat audio art.

#2: Purple Gemstones Design

purple gemstoneAnd when I want to feel quite elegant, Purple Gemstones Design is what I plug into my ears. Besides, some people find cat’s eyes somewhat creepy. As you fit it on, you’ll look more quite elegant and classy. Only, they look like earrings that are displaced. But with purple gemstone with a metal-like rim, it just spells out classiness. Elegant as it looks and is designed really well, but it still has an optimum listening experience than that of other headphones designs. Pretty neat, I say.

#3: Rusty Bolts Design

quarkie RUSTY BOLT 1-800x800For a change, I also tried Rusty Bolts! Rusty as they may seem, but these earphones can clearly produce a non-rusty quality sound. These are just outlandish designs, aren’t they? If you’ll think of it, you are more likely mimicking Frankenstein! Hah! Only, the bolts are “screwed” on your ears.

#4: Chameleon Eyes Design

chameleon eyesThis Chameleon Eyes Design is an eye-catcher indeed. It has caught my attention, that’s why I wore it first than the others. They also achieve the incredible sound by using specially developed 13.5 mm drive units that also has an aluminum voice coil and neodymium magnets. Need I mention that they are ear-catching?

#5: Snake Eyes Design

snake eyesNot only do they have Cat Eyes and Chameleon Eyes, but they also have the yellow sssnake eyesss! I nearly freaked people out with this one. Hah! These earphones have low distortion, wide-bandwidth and said to have an excellent transient response—like a snake eyeing on its prey. And with that being said, I couldn’t agree more.

#6: Snake Heads Design

snake headsWith Snake Eyes, I just nearly freaked out people. But with Snake Heads Design, they said nothing. They just stared with eyes wide open in shock! It comes in yellow and green, and I have both! Get those people’s tongue out with this pair of headphones!

These are the designs you’ve got to try if you want to be the best among your friends. I have chosen mine; all of them! How about you?


Phone Calls Eavesdrop Irritation Explained


“Hello? … Yeah, it’s me! Hey you know what, I saw her and guess what happened… *laughs so hard* Yes! I know, right? He sure is! … Okay. Yeah … Ah-huh … no … OMG! Really? *laughs so hard and loud again*Okay.  Alright! … Sure! … Okay, bye! *beep*”

And just like that. With just a snap, all eyes on the girl who just had a call. Do you know what they were talking about? Maybe it was her estranged friend? I don’t know, it sounds negative to me. Or, maybe it was his ex boyfriend’s new girl? Probably! Yeah, keep guessing. You will be able to get it right one in a million chances anyway. And then it hits you, why would you even bother to guess what the conversation over the smartphone was about?

On a lighter note, you then realize that you experience that familiar feeling of … frustration! Have you ever felt being annoyed by just listening to a phone conversation? This conversation is somewhat referred to as a “halfalogue” nowadays since, evidently, you only hear a half of it. But the question is: why do we feel irritated when we are just overhearing a “halfalogue” conversation? Why would it bother us when in fact we are not even involved in the discussion? Why do we want to strangle the one talking with the wires of mobile earphones just for him or her to stop talking? Head on; read on! The phone call eavesdrop irritation is about to be explained.

Well, basically, the reason that we get irritated when we overhear a phone conversation is because it disturbs our cognitive functions—leaving you dropping every single thing you are doing just to hear the phone talk whether you like it or not. It is something we just can’t get away from.

An assistant professor of psychology at the University of San Diego, Veronica V. Galván said, “If you only hear one person speaking, you’re constantly trying to place that part of the conversation in context,” and, “that’s naturally going to draw your attention away from whatever else you’re trying to do.” It then basically distracts you from whatever you are doing; kind of gets more annoying if you are in haste or something. Dr. Galván also added, “When people are trapped next to a one-sided conversation – known nowadays as a “halfalogue” – their anger rises in the same way it does in other situations where they are not free to leave, like waiting for a train.” No matter how much you squeeze your hanky out of frustration, you just can’t make the train run faster than it is.

Now, do you see the picture? Well, here comes another reason to now get the picture. We find phone conversation annoying because of the strangeness of one-sided conversation. With that being said, it shows that we are being drawn to the conversation simply because we are trapped in a one-sided discussion—leaving us wanting to figure out what is it all about. Not to mention, their reactions and the words coming out of their mouth are totally surprising. Simply put, our brain is drawn to a conversation because it is something hard or can’t be tuned out.

And because there is no way for us to understand what was being talked about right off the bat, we then believe that the talker is being abnormally loud despite the fact that the talker was just in a normal voice and that it’s definitely, totally, more often times not loud at all.

Said Dr. Emberson, “When you stare at a light, it seems brighter.” And same is true with paying attention to noise.

Being caught in overhearing a phone conversation is something inevitable. It’s either you leave the room when you get a chance, or just get your hopes up that those people will stop having drawn out conversations on the bus.

Stop Uber-waiting with Uber App

When you and your circle of friends Uberdecide to hangout, there is one crucial thing that always happens: (drum rolls, please) the waiting. Let’s take a situation for example:

You: “Dude, where are you?”

Your friend: “Dude, I’m on my way.”

After 30 minutes…

You: “Dude, I though you said you’re on your way? Where exactly are you? ETA?”

Your friend: “ETA? It means Estimated Time of Arrival. See you in five minutes. If not, please read this again.”

See? Your friend couldn’t even answer straight. But, little did we know that he or she just had locked their house door when you just called. The situation may be hilarious, but this happens more often than not. And when you call them, they even make use of their mobile earphones just to get their hands free and do their best to haste. But, all thanks to Uber App, you won’t have to guess if your friend is telling the truth of where he or she is now since your friend—or perhaps it’s you—can get to the destination with a live ETA map. It is now available for Apple on iTunes, and eventually it will with regards to Android’s Google Play; the best thing is that this app is absolutely free.

This app lets you share your ETA and your trip route with your friends to let them know exactly when you will be arriving by sending them a text of a live map of your trip so they could check in on you. Not only does this app can forecast your estimated time of arrival, but it can also predict of how long it will take for you to get where you need to go. Just enter a destination and let the app calculate your time of arrival.

Before the upgrade of this app, which is the “SHARE MY ETA”, Uber has already been a private driver in over 40 cities and 18 countries. With this app, you can request a ride and be picked up in just a matter of minutes. You can even easily set your pickup location even if you don’t know the exact address on the map. With the upgrade, the location tracking has been improved for better pickup accuracy. You don’t even have to bring cash on hand—well, not if your credit card can handle it—you just have to add a credit card to your secure account, and then Uber will email you a receipt when you already arrived at your destination.

So, with this app, you’re going to wish that you have a cover as hard as a sturdy mobile phone case since you now won’t have any excuse of what time would be your exact arrival. You just have to practice punctuality since you will not always live with the slogan: “Always late, but worth the wait.”