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A Sneak Peek into the Brand New Flagship Phone of Samsung: The Galaxy S5

SImageamsung is and has been the leader in the thriving smartphone industry for the past couple of years. Figures can bear the veracity of the success of the South Korean tech giant, which shows that it accounts to more than one-third (34%) of the worldwide smartphone share in 2013, considering the myriad of smartphone manufacturers all across the globe. Its closest competitor Apple, on the other hand, only has 15% market share, which is less than half of Samsung’s stupendous figure. But we have to recognize that none of these are possible without the consistent achievements of Samsung not only with its flagship devices but also with all of its products.

And now that 2014 has commenced, a brand new beginning is awaiting the smartphone industry with various advancements that will again revolutionize the mobile technology. With Samsung, the most looked forward to is the Galaxy S5. Based on tradition, it is most likely to become the flagship smartphone of Samsung, hence, the extensive speculation of its soon-to-be existence.

According to ZDNet Korea, a reliable source which has reported accurate details surrounding the various unannounced Samsung devices in the past, the company is preparing to launch a killer smartphone this coming February of 2014. But as of now, it is still uncertain if the said device will birth the name Galaxy S5. However, the probability is high that it is to materialize based on the alignment of the rumors with multiple earlier reports.

If it so happens that the Galaxy S5 is the device to be launched this coming February at the annual Mobile World Congress trade show, we can expect an assortment of diverse and innovative features that can help fortify Samsung’s place in the leaderboard of the smartphone wars. It will most likely be the first commercially available handset to feature a 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution in a 5.5-inch smartphone display. Also, it will be powered by a 2.5GHz 64-bit octa-core Exynos processor and 3GB of RAM, which will run the latest Android 4.4 KitKat. In terms of imaging, it will be integrated with a 16-megapixel back camera improved with the ISOCELL technology that will enable it to capture exceptional photos in low-light environment. And last but not the least, it is said that the Galaxy S5 will feature an iris-scanning mechanism that will probably be the innovation of the year.

But we all have to be aware that all these are just rumors. Although a number of reports are indicative of this to happen, just keep in mind that speculations are but figments of the human mind until proven factual. Let’s just cross our fingers in the hopes that Samsung can once again remind everyone why it’s the king with the Galaxy S5.


Why Should You Choose Android Over iPhone?

Apple’s CEO, Timothy Cook, was indeed successful on putting their iDevices and their iOS 7 on top of the headlines. The blogosphere couldn’t even breathe of all the news talking about all the bits and bites of Apple. Some are good news; some are not, but that’s just the way it goes, isn’t it?

Not to pile on the good news; not even on bad ones either, but I guess somehow Android deserves the limelight despite of what Apple offers. Here in this post entails a few reasons on why you should choose Android over iPhone—and to justify which smartphone really is smarter.

#1: Screenshot made easier

How do you take a screenshot on your phones? Well, when you are using an Android phone, which is not either the Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, or Note 3, you’ll pretty much have to press and hold the menu and the power button simultaneously—and this is somewhat likely how you do it with iPhone. However, when you use the aforementioned high-end Android phones, you can just actually snag a photo of your screen by using its feature Palm Swipe. In this way, you just have to slide your hand in a “chopping” position from left to right across the screen, and then you will hear the shutter sound. See? It’s pretty much easy.

#2: Convertible Phone to USB drive

Wait, what? Indeed. Stating the obvious here, your Android device has an inclusion of micro-SD memory card slot—this is what Apple’s iDevices lack. And so, you’ll definitely have fun filling it up with files and whatnot. And you can even use it like a USB flash drive. Just connect it to your computer using a USB data cable and store or swap files on your device so long as it can accommodate the file size. Can your iPhone do that?

#3: A shortcut it is

What are smartphones for? What are gadgets for? I can’t stress this enough; they are made to help people carry out their everyday activities in a less complex way. Not to mention, they keep us socially connected in every way. And knowing that Android holds the throne of being the most customizable of all mobiles, tweaking has never been more of a surprise. This trick I’m about to say will save us time and a lot of swipe actions. Did you know that you can actually make a shortcut of phone numbers on your home screen? You just have to hold down your home screen until a menu pops up, choose Shortcuts, select Contact, and choose your favorite contact or the person you mostly interact with. So, the next time you have to call him or her, you don’t have to dig your phone book just to get in touch with him or her. All you need is a simple tap and… oh! Hello!

No matter how much you tap each Android phone and iPhone just to defend which phone gets the throne, each launch of the two will be always going to kill the other—leaving you hard-pressed to know which one really deserves it. But it’s all apparent that Android is the most flexible of the two. Sure enough, iPhone can do some of the tricks, too, but you still have a need to have your iPhone jailbroken so as to do so. Now, who do you think deserves the limelight?

The Game Isn’t Over for BlackBerry


BlackBerry became one of the leading brands in the smartphone industry for a brief period in history. It was once the brand of choice among corporate clients and lay people alike because of its laudable security features. But sadly, it wasn’t able to augment nor maintain its good standing; instead, its numbers gradually declined from 43% of the worldwide smartphone market share in 2010 to only more or less 3.8% today. Its downfall is so fast like transferring data using a USB data cable; it will make your head spin.

For quite some time, BlackBerry struggled to keep itself adrift. It even resorted to lay off a huge population of its staff just to cut costs. In the 3rd quarter of 2013, the company laid off almost 40% of its employees due to the $1 billion loss it has incurred. This proof, together with the mediocre stats of BlackBerry, are already convincing enough to foresee the likelihood of its collapse.

But the game isn’t yet over for BlackBerry. In fact, it resorted to a new, bolder approach by getting personal to its patrons. The Canadian smartphone manufacturer sent a letter to its loyal customers which goes like this:

To our valued customers, partners and fans,

 You’ve no doubt seen the headlines about BlackBerry. You’re probably wondering what they mean for you as one of the tens of millions of users who count on BlackBerry every single day.

 We have one important message for you:

 You can continue to count on BlackBerry.

This letter is what we may describe as a desperate measure by the once mighty tech giant, though this definitely makes a compelling case to its consumers. Parts of the letter highlighted the consistent security of the platform and its popularity among the corporate consumers. Furthermore, with the BBM now available to both iOS and Android devices, BlackBerry’s presence in the context of messaging is still alive and sought after.

There appears to be lesser and lesser people who still have an ample amount of confidence that BlackBerry will be able to get back its previously stellar reputation, especially now that Apple and Google are holding a duopoly in the mobile platform market. It will require more than a team of brilliant and innovative people to bolster the company back to the top.

But I have to say, this move by BlackBerry is an audacious one. Regardless of the fact that reports are showing its near-end situation, not to mention the plans of the company to be acquired by other companies, BlackBerry still reassures its valued customers that it will still carry on. For sure, the company has learned from its mistakes, and who knows, if it will take all those lessons into account and apply them, it might be able to salvage its struggling state.

Phone Calls Eavesdrop Irritation Explained


“Hello? … Yeah, it’s me! Hey you know what, I saw her and guess what happened… *laughs so hard* Yes! I know, right? He sure is! … Okay. Yeah … Ah-huh … no … OMG! Really? *laughs so hard and loud again*Okay.  Alright! … Sure! … Okay, bye! *beep*”

And just like that. With just a snap, all eyes on the girl who just had a call. Do you know what they were talking about? Maybe it was her estranged friend? I don’t know, it sounds negative to me. Or, maybe it was his ex boyfriend’s new girl? Probably! Yeah, keep guessing. You will be able to get it right one in a million chances anyway. And then it hits you, why would you even bother to guess what the conversation over the smartphone was about?

On a lighter note, you then realize that you experience that familiar feeling of … frustration! Have you ever felt being annoyed by just listening to a phone conversation? This conversation is somewhat referred to as a “halfalogue” nowadays since, evidently, you only hear a half of it. But the question is: why do we feel irritated when we are just overhearing a “halfalogue” conversation? Why would it bother us when in fact we are not even involved in the discussion? Why do we want to strangle the one talking with the wires of mobile earphones just for him or her to stop talking? Head on; read on! The phone call eavesdrop irritation is about to be explained.

Well, basically, the reason that we get irritated when we overhear a phone conversation is because it disturbs our cognitive functions—leaving you dropping every single thing you are doing just to hear the phone talk whether you like it or not. It is something we just can’t get away from.

An assistant professor of psychology at the University of San Diego, Veronica V. Galván said, “If you only hear one person speaking, you’re constantly trying to place that part of the conversation in context,” and, “that’s naturally going to draw your attention away from whatever else you’re trying to do.” It then basically distracts you from whatever you are doing; kind of gets more annoying if you are in haste or something. Dr. Galván also added, “When people are trapped next to a one-sided conversation – known nowadays as a “halfalogue” – their anger rises in the same way it does in other situations where they are not free to leave, like waiting for a train.” No matter how much you squeeze your hanky out of frustration, you just can’t make the train run faster than it is.

Now, do you see the picture? Well, here comes another reason to now get the picture. We find phone conversation annoying because of the strangeness of one-sided conversation. With that being said, it shows that we are being drawn to the conversation simply because we are trapped in a one-sided discussion—leaving us wanting to figure out what is it all about. Not to mention, their reactions and the words coming out of their mouth are totally surprising. Simply put, our brain is drawn to a conversation because it is something hard or can’t be tuned out.

And because there is no way for us to understand what was being talked about right off the bat, we then believe that the talker is being abnormally loud despite the fact that the talker was just in a normal voice and that it’s definitely, totally, more often times not loud at all.

Said Dr. Emberson, “When you stare at a light, it seems brighter.” And same is true with paying attention to noise.

Being caught in overhearing a phone conversation is something inevitable. It’s either you leave the room when you get a chance, or just get your hopes up that those people will stop having drawn out conversations on the bus.

You No Longer Need these Apps with the iOS 7

iOS-7-Apps-MakeoverApps are indubitably the lifeblood of smartphones. Without them, our mobile devices won’t be as useful and valuable as they are today. This is the very reason why app stores are a thing; they make sure that they always bring something new to mobile consumers so as to make each and every smartphone experience worth it. However, with the iOS 7 already in most iDevices in the open, some apps have proven to be useless and obsolete. See what those apps are by reading the list below.

  1. Pandora. With the iTunes Radio, you no longer need apps such as Pandora and the like. The iOS app lets you stream to your favorite music like the other players. Additionally, it lets you purchase the music of your liking and import it directly into your library.
  2. iHandy Level. The iOS 7’s Compass app has a hidden feature that you can access easily by swiping to the right while on the app. The hidden feature that I’m talking about is a level that is helpful for making sure that your pictures, as well as any other things that need levelling, are flat. The app has a black and white interface for an outright minimalistic approach. Too bad for iHandy Level because you won’t be needing it anymore now that you already have the Compass app.
  3. Flashlight Apps. Thanks to the ultra-bright LED beside the back camera of your iPhone, you can use your device as a flashlight. If before, you have to download a flashlight app to make it work without using the camera, now, you just have to go to the control center so that you can light your way with a simple tap on the screen.
  4. Flayvr. The new Photos app integrated in the iOS 7 is a great sorter tool for your images. You can group your pictures by date, location, event, or whichever you want. Therefore, you will no longer need a photo-organizing app like Flavyr because Photos makes organizing and sharing images a tad easier.
  5. Lookout Mobile Security. More than the looks of the iOS 7, the added security features in this version are worth some praises. The preinstalled Find My iPhone app is like any other apps out there that you can download for a fee, so why the need to download them still? Find My iPhone lets you track down your missing iDevice. Also, it lets you remotely wipe your phone clean if ever there are any confidential information or accounts tied up with it that you don’t want others to gain access to.

iOS 7 is really something, eh? Well, if it so happened that you still haven’t updated your operating system yet, then what are you waiting for? Do it now!

LG Looks Ahead Into the Future of Bendable Technology


Just recently, Samsung has overtaken LG in releasing the first ever smartphone with a bendable display. The two South Korean tech giants have gone head-to-head with each other ever since word of the flexible screen technology has come out. A few weeks before, Samsung had kept its silence, making people all over the world think that it isn’t going to meet its target date. Meanwhile, LG had been releasing updates to keep its clientele posted on the developments of the flexible display to be integrated to its newest smartphone. As it turns out, the former’s silence came out to surprise the general public when it finally announced the release of Samsung Galaxy Round, the smartphone with a curved display.

Though the Galaxy Round is only going to be available shortly in South Korea alone, it had sparked the interest of tech-savvy consumers all around the world. But mind you, just because the handheld device has a bendable display doesn’t mean that the Galaxy Round itself is flexible. It simply isn’t. At this very moment, the prospect of having flexible gadgets is so far-fetched because the essential internal components, such as the batteries, are still non-bendable. Due to this perceived concern, LG is trying to craft a battery that is capable of being bended.

According to the announcement of LG, it will be developing a flexible battery that could make their devices totally virtually bendable. Recent developments have urged the company to make use of “cable batteries,” which are flexible, energy efficient, and waterproof. And because they can be bended, they will be resistant to physical damage. LG even claims that the cable batteries can be tied into a knot. With a mobile device like this, you will never need a protective case ever again to make sure your device stays intact. It most certainly can stand on its own against all insults.

As it turns out, the curved screen that both Samsung and LG are to release on their smartphones are but a jump-start to the bendable technology. According to Sascha Segan, a mobile analyst at PC Mag, “I don’t think this particular model is going to be a big deal on the market.” And yes, the full potential of the bendable technology is yet to be realized once the essential components within the smartphone are also made to be flexible.

More than for the smartphone industry itself, the cable battery, once fully materialized, can be used in a number of consumer electronic devices of the future, especially for wearable gadgets. Their durability is ideal to the said gadgets because they consume a small amount of space; plus, they can follow the contours of the wearable device. From here on, it’s going to be about which company is going to come up with the best innovation to make it the champion in the gruelling smartphone wars.

Is Your Android Phone Secured Enough?

Smartphone, as a personal device, should be protected more often than not. Since it is one of the personal things we have, like a toothbrush, it is not meant to be shared with other people—well, of course, not unless you want to share something to your friend perhaps in just a matter of minutes.

Why do we secure them, you ask? Well, evidently, there can be important and confidential information it contains that shouldn’t be divulged without permission—most especially when talking about business matters. And so as to protect our nifty gadgets, buying a mobile back case also has now been a necessity more than a luxury. Do you think that the only vulnerable aspect of these phones is the hardware alone? Well then, evidently not. Apple’s iPhone was even declared as the most secured handheld device. But just with the use of a charger, even if the iPhone runs the latest platform that is the iOS 7, the malicious charger called “Mactans” was able to hack the phone in just a matter of seconds. And you might not know, you are already on your way to have your phone all damaged in just a blink of an eye. So, are you sure your phone is being secured enough? Hit the list below to see if you are taking care of your Android phones right:

#1: No Anti-Virus or Security Software Installed

McAfee_Mobile_AntivirusYou might say that all AV programs are only for desktops, and that you and your device do not need having one since you are keen with your browsing, but no. You need to have security apps for your Android devices since it has been reported that the Google Play store has third party developers that has malicious intentions. When you have security app installed on your phone, it can detect the potential threats and it will alert you immediately. Admit it; you have been loading your smartphone with games from Google Play store, haven’t you? With that being said, having an antivirus software is a must!

#2: Have You Read the Permissions?

permissionsThis one is the same as, evidently, the Terms and Conditions. It has been one of the Lazy Rules people live with. They just do not take much time in reading. As long as they know that this certain app is fun, helpful, and whatnot, they are going to ignore and accept whatever is written under Permissions. Two things to keep in mind when installing an app, especially games: 1. It asks access to your phone’s location; and 2.It wants access with the ability to send messages. Once you encounter these two, you might as well think twice if you are going to install this app.

#3: Rooting Your Phone

rootingWhen you root your Android phone, you gain more access to the basest features of it. You can pretty much do almost anything you can’t do when it was still not rooted. Sounds a great benefit, right? But here’s the catch: it creates more potential threats to your phone. Be careful of having a banking app once your phone is already rooted, or you’ll be surprised once you’ve seen your bank account all drained out.

#4: No Security Password

Security LockThis thing need not be mentioned nor stressed further, but most people underestimate the security that screen locks or passwords give. If you have left your phone unattended, you might not know that someone will gain access on your phone in just a few taps. What more if you really value privacy? And so, it pays to have a security password to keep your phone protected—and all the information in it.

#5: Connecting to Untrusted Wi-Fi

wifi hackedWhen there’s a free Wi-Fi, you couldn’t help yourself but connect your device to it. But, little did you know that unsecured Wi-Fi can be the easiest way for your phone to be hacked. In fact, there are even apps for hacking that you can search right on the internet. Would you risk your phone’s security with a free Wi-Fi?

These are just but simple things people usually ignore. You might not know that these small things can wreak havoc not only to your device, but also to your life.

Say Goodbye to House Keys, and Say Hello to Lockitron

Home security is one of the greatest concerns of homeowners and renters alike. Whenever you’re out of your own home, you feel a bit Lockitrondistressed, worrying about break-ins and whatnot. Talk about keys; they have turned out to be but an added weight for today’s standards. Misplacing them can turn your life into a living hell. And what if someone visits unannounced? You might be compelled to get back home immediately so as not to keep whoever is that person waiting outside the door for a long time.

Even simple things like the lock and key can stress us so much. Luckily, a group of innovators came up with a million-dollar idea to put all those problems to an end.  Introducing the Lockitron, a keyless entry mechanism that lets you get in and out of your house by just using your phone. All you have to do is install the device on your pre-existing lock, download the Lockitron app, and you’re off to lock or unlock your door remotely. Such a brilliant idea, don’t you think?

Here are a number of things about Lockitron that you ought to know:

  • You can be able to lock or unlock your door wherever you are across the globe.
  • It allows you to share your access to your door to family and friends.
  • It works on every phone on the market, be it a smartphone or a feature phone. For the latter, it can be set to action by the use of text messaging.
  • The device has a built-in knock sensor that lets you receive a notification when someone knocks on the door.
  • If you misplace your mobile phone, you can always remotely disable the account by changing the password, unlike with keys that can pose a security threat to your household once misplaced.
  • The device has an intelligent power management system that runs on two AA batteries that can last up to one year. You will be prompted on your phone if the batteries are on the low to make sure you don’t accidentally lock yourself out.
  • It utilizes the Bluetooth 4.0 technology to automatically unlock the door as you walk up to it. You can enter the door almost hands-free. That’s what you call the perfect keyless entry.
  • The lock comes in three different colors: obsidian black, bondi blue, quicksilver, and studio white.
  • If you’re planning to move out elsewhere, simply take the Lockitron device with you and easily install it in your new place.

Impressed? I know you are. So what are you waiting for? Order now, and get the peace of mind you always wanted to have with this intelligent, digital keyless mechanism. Be one of the 14,000+ people have placed an order to this innovative state of the art product.