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Smartphone Apps that Made 2013 Proud

When it says “2013”, what are your thoughts? If you’ll ask me, I’d say it has been indeed a fun-filled year. In this digital age, all the known techs are actually the ones that help us get through with our everyday activities. Also, these techie gadgets we have always succeed to keep the boredom at bay. One of which could be found at hand, and that’s no other than our trusty handheld device we call smartphone.

Smartphones never go out of style as each year all the big boys of the mobile industry see to it that they have something better to offer on the table—talk about the staggering features of each kind. But as the year 2013 ended, what do you think amused you most with smartphones throughout the year? This has to be said: aside from the neatly designed hardware, software applications also get the limelight as they make these seemingly blank canvasses be as interesting and functional than what the hardware offers. Looking back, can you still recall the apps that got your eyes and fingers glued on your phone’s screen? Read on to remember all the best apps of 2013 that got most of us—if not all—addicted.

#1: Candy Crush Saga

Candy CrushOne of the sweetest gaming apps that 2013 offered is the Candy Crush Saga. If this was real candy, a lot of people might have been diabetic before we even hit 2014. I, for one, am guilty of being trapped by the sweetness of this game as it is one of the most addictive puzzlers there is. In this game, all you have to do is shift the brightly colored sweets to form lines of three—the more the better—and hear the game voice praising you on good moves with puns like ‘sweet’, ‘tasty’, ‘delicious’, and ‘divine’. You just got to love the bursting sweetness of the candies as you shift the sweets in order for you to reach a score and pass the level. [Found on Facebook, iOS, and Android]

#2: CSR Racing

CSR RacingI’m sure your 2013 has been one hell of a ride—all the more when CSR Racing app got your heartbeat racing. And if you are also a certified fanatic of the movie The Fast & Furious, then racing apps positively won’t ever tire out for you. You may not get to change gears and steer wheels like being on a real car feels like, but appropriate taps on the screen are enough to get you going. Earn money by winning the race, and then you can now upgrade car or collect them. This free-to-play drag-racing game would definitely get your eyes spoiled with its stunning, high-fidelity graphics with addictive gameplay to give you a new type of racing experience. [Found on OSX, iOS, and Android]

#3: Wordament

WordamentDo you remember the words 2013 had brought us? There goes the word Twerk coined by Miley Cyrus, and the other—not to mention word of the year for 2013—selfie! Selfie has been voted as the Oxford’s word of the year, giving the credit to all the narcissistic duck-faces who keep snagging out photos of nothing but themselves incessantly. Anyway, keep fumbling for those words because you’re going to need it with this utterly addictive gaming app called Wordament. Originally, this app was only exclusive on Windows platform. But then, the app rolled to various platforms on the year 2013. Basically, you just have to swipe the computer generated grid of letters into words within just a minute and a half—the longer the word is, the better. And when the time’s up, the players will then be ranked and all is revealed on a giant leaderboard. Would winning in the game render you speechless? [Found on Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, and Android]

If you haven’t tried these apps before the year 2013 ended, it’s never too late. After all, they are there for us to enjoy. Load them to your phones now and check out the fresh apps of 2014 that are absolutely worth a try.


This is What Peek Vision Can Do to Save Your Eyesight

peek visionThe eyesight is the most essential sensory input for human beings. Most of the stimuli that are processed in the human brain, eliciting a response come from what we see. Therefore, we have to take care of our eyes to ensure that we may continue to see the world until the day that they may be laid to rest.

Living healthy is not a guarantee that our eyes will be able to function the way they used to from the day we first opened our eyes to see the light. Our sense of sight develops, and it eventually diminishes. Hence, to control how our eyes are subjected to the wear and tear of human nature, we have to observe some precautionary measures and have them checked up by a specialist.

It is a fact that 80 percent of blindness is avoidable, and 90 percent of blind people live in low-income countries. It is also a fact that this era ushers more people with an access to mobile phones than clean drinking water worldwide. Imagine yourself blind for a day in your life. Even the picture in your head is already so debilitating; what more in the case of those people who can no longer see the light of day throughout their entire lives?

Peek Vision is a smartphone-based app that enables comprehensive eye exams to people of every race and creed. It is easy to use, affordable, and absolutely portable; all one has to do is bring his feature-packed smartphone with him, and he can be able to diagnose eye diseases and provide means for managing the case.

Peek Vision can be used to check patients’ abilities to see color, test for long or short-sightedness, and detect the presence of cataracts or any eye conditions. It takes advantage of a smartphone’s camera, flashlight, and display in checking how the eyes react to stimuli. In addition, it allows doctors and optometrists to track the progress of their separate patients and keep a record of their geolocations. This app is perfect for doctors in performing their sworn duty in rural or low-income areas in lieu of medical equipment. The app is developed by the members of the International Center for Eye Health, a research group based at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. As of this moment, the app isn’t yet available on app stores of any mobile platform. But soon, everyone will have access to a comprehensive eye health examination that will help them preserve their eyesight.

This is definitely a testament that technology is our friend. It has made the ubiquitous mobile phone a cheap portable alternative to determine eye health instead of using a professional equipment that requires a remarkable skill to operate. This can be used by generally anybody within the health community—or the lay alike—in making sure that the eye remains the window to one’s soul.

LG Looks Ahead Into the Future of Bendable Technology


Just recently, Samsung has overtaken LG in releasing the first ever smartphone with a bendable display. The two South Korean tech giants have gone head-to-head with each other ever since word of the flexible screen technology has come out. A few weeks before, Samsung had kept its silence, making people all over the world think that it isn’t going to meet its target date. Meanwhile, LG had been releasing updates to keep its clientele posted on the developments of the flexible display to be integrated to its newest smartphone. As it turns out, the former’s silence came out to surprise the general public when it finally announced the release of Samsung Galaxy Round, the smartphone with a curved display.

Though the Galaxy Round is only going to be available shortly in South Korea alone, it had sparked the interest of tech-savvy consumers all around the world. But mind you, just because the handheld device has a bendable display doesn’t mean that the Galaxy Round itself is flexible. It simply isn’t. At this very moment, the prospect of having flexible gadgets is so far-fetched because the essential internal components, such as the batteries, are still non-bendable. Due to this perceived concern, LG is trying to craft a battery that is capable of being bended.

According to the announcement of LG, it will be developing a flexible battery that could make their devices totally virtually bendable. Recent developments have urged the company to make use of “cable batteries,” which are flexible, energy efficient, and waterproof. And because they can be bended, they will be resistant to physical damage. LG even claims that the cable batteries can be tied into a knot. With a mobile device like this, you will never need a protective case ever again to make sure your device stays intact. It most certainly can stand on its own against all insults.

As it turns out, the curved screen that both Samsung and LG are to release on their smartphones are but a jump-start to the bendable technology. According to Sascha Segan, a mobile analyst at PC Mag, “I don’t think this particular model is going to be a big deal on the market.” And yes, the full potential of the bendable technology is yet to be realized once the essential components within the smartphone are also made to be flexible.

More than for the smartphone industry itself, the cable battery, once fully materialized, can be used in a number of consumer electronic devices of the future, especially for wearable gadgets. Their durability is ideal to the said gadgets because they consume a small amount of space; plus, they can follow the contours of the wearable device. From here on, it’s going to be about which company is going to come up with the best innovation to make it the champion in the gruelling smartphone wars.